Sleeping with the Wombats

I’ve been following a number of travel blogs for a while now, and a favourite in the past couple of years has been Helene In Between. She made a solo trip to London a while back writing about things to save or splurge on while there. Helene stayed at Wombat’s London Hostel and had a great recommendation because of her experience with them.

I normally book accommodations through AirBNB when I travel, but while planning my recent trip to London with my dad, I knew I had to spend even less. Our trip was a week long and because of all the tourist attractions we wanted to see, I was open to staying at a hostel to save more money (read more about our trip here). Wombat’s Hostel is right around the corner from the Tower of London and close to the underground, so the location is perfect.


We stayed in a 6-person bedroom and ended up meeting some pretty cool people who oddly enough, all stayed there the same amount of time we did. Each room has its own bathroom and there are staff who clean the rooms daily. How the entire hostel operates is pretty awesome. It’s completely accommodating as it has free wifi, laundry facilities, a kitchen, luggage storage, and breakfast for £5.  There are also lockers that unlock with each guest’s personal room key. On top of all these features is the underground bar. It’s a great place to socialize with fellow travellers and to also kick back in the afternoon and catch up on some Netflix or emails. Once getting your key at check-in, you also receive a drink ticket to the bar.

Wombat’s Hostel is hip, lively, diverse, and comfortable. Regardless of the noise from a snoring roommate during our visit, the staff’s service and hospitality (and earbuds) made up for it. It was really refreshing to meet so many people and unwind at the end of the day with a nice beer or with a book in bed (aka. British Bake Off on Netflix). I really have nothing but good things to say about staying with Wombat’s and highly suggest looking into booking a room with them. They have locations in London, Berlin, Budapest, Munich, and Vienna with Venice launching in July of 2019.  They have a number of rooms including females only, mixed, private twin and private double rooms. Group rooms have prices ranging from €19-€24.50 and for a private twin or double room it’s €111.14 per night. To start your own booking with Wombat’s Hostels and for more information, visit here.

Underground Bar at Wombat's Hostel - London, UK

Sleeping with the Wombats

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