3 Things I Can Do to Be a Better Ally

I'm angry that we even have to have these conversations...but we absolutely need to and anyone who's white (myself included), needs to listen...

Playlist: A Rainy Day at the Cottage

Playlist: A Rainy Day at the Cottage

With Halloween around the corner and the leaves starting to change their colour, the ideal perfect day would be inside of a cabin with your warmest blanket. I imagine looking out the window with a hot cup of a coffee watching the rain pour down on all the orange and yellow trees. There are plenty … Continue reading Playlist: A Rainy Day at the Cottage

The Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

48 Hours in Paris, France

There are a few places in the world that come to mind when I think of travel. The most popular being Paris, France. My whole life I've seen people gush over Paris with more than enough movies highlighting the beauty of the city; the food, the music, the romance, and of course, the Eiffel Tower. … Continue reading 48 Hours in Paris, France

Salzburg, Austria: A Guide

Did you know that Salzburg literally means Salt Fortress? In history, elements like gold and silver brought wealth to cities, but Salzburg's wealth laid underground in their salt mines. This beautiful city filled with baroque architecture is always surprising me. I first went to experience what I saw in The Sound of Music growing up, … Continue reading Salzburg, Austria: A Guide

A List of ‘Outlander’ Tours in Scotland

Since my last two trips to Scotland in the past year to visit Outlander filming locations, many people have asked me what tours I booked and went on. Lucky for me, I have two friends who live just outside of Glasgow who are always up for a good road trip. However, last time I went, … Continue reading A List of ‘Outlander’ Tours in Scotland