3 Things I Can Do to Be a Better Ally

I'm angry that we even have to have these conversations...but we absolutely need to and anyone who's white (myself included), needs to listen...

Playlist: A Rainy Day at the Cottage

Playlist: A Rainy Day at the Cottage

With Halloween around the corner and the leaves starting to change their colour, the ideal perfect day would be inside of a cabin with your warmest blanket. I imagine looking out the window with a hot cup of a coffee watching the rain pour down on all the orange and yellow trees. There are plenty … Continue reading Playlist: A Rainy Day at the Cottage

Underground Bar at Wombat's Hostel - London, UK

Sleeping with the Wombats

I've been following a number of travel blogs for a while now, and a favourite in the past couple of years has been Helene In Between. She made a solo trip to London a while back writing about things to save or splurge on while there. Helene stayed at Wombat's London Hostel and had a … Continue reading Sleeping with the Wombats

Researching my Family Tree

Before my great-grandfather died, he left behind an autobiography for the entire family to read. We learned about his humble beginnings in Kent, England and more importantly, the part he played in World War 2. He was part of the Military Intelligence and had so many magnificent and harrowing stories to share with us. In … Continue reading Researching my Family Tree