A List of ‘Outlander’ Tours in Scotland

Since my last two trips to Scotland in the past year to visit Outlander filming locations, many people have asked me what tours I booked and went on. Lucky for me, I have two friends who live just outside of Glasgow who are always up for a good road trip. However, last time I went, I made sure to gather up some brochures and compile a list for some readers who may be interested in planning a trip for themselves.

Outlander Tours in Scotland, UK

Before you continue reading, check out my posts about visiting some of these locations, including some not featured on any of these tours, such as Jamie’s Print Shop and The World’s End Pub (featured in the book) in Edinburgh. It might help you determine which tour you’d like to book!

An ‘Outlander’ Journey Through Scotland P. 1
An ‘Outlander’ Journey Through Scotland P. 2

Bakehouse Close, Edinburgh - Outlander Filming Location

Outlander: The Past Lives Experience
Departs From: Inverness
Price: See Website
Runs: May to September (Thursdays and Sundays)
Perks: Past Life Regression, Hand-Fasting Ceremonies, and Photographic Record of the Tour

This tour experience actually seems quite exciting. A husband and wife duo are your tour guides so it seems more personal. They have a variety of different tour options such as 1-3 day tours and a 7-day tour. The 7-day itinerary is jam packed and seems well worth the money, including sights such as Midhope Castle (Lallybroch), Blackness Castle (Fort William), and many other locations from the book and TV show. There are only a few spots left for their tours in 2019 so act fast or plan your tour for 2020 here.

Highland Explorer Tours

Outlander Explorer
Departs From: Edinburgh
Price: £47
Runs: May to September (Thursdays and Sundays)
Perks: Local Scottish Guide

Imagine walking in the footsteps of Jamie and Claire from the hit series Outlander, with a local Scottish Guide regaling all the gruesome history and stories that made this an epic hit. We take you on a journey to some of the most famous scenes from the hit series such as Midhope Castle the real-life Lallybroch, Doune Castle, the seat of Clan MacKenzie and Linlithgow Palace used as Wentworth Prison. Your Guide will give you an insight into the history and stories of each location, making this the perfect trip for those looking for a quick Outlander fix.

Highland Explorer Tours is an award-winning tour service and when you visit places throughout Scotland, you’re more than likely to see their brochures on display. This one-day Outlander tour is perfect for anyone who is crunched for time. The tour is just under 9 hours and will take you to Doune Castle (Castle Leoch), Culross (Cranesmuir), Falkland (setting for 1940’s Inverness), Midhope Castle (Lallybroch), and Linlithgow Palace (Wentworth Prison). As much as I encourage Outlander fans to visit Blackness Castle (Fort William), this tour does offer visits to what I believe are the most important filming locations for the show.

To book this tour with Highland Explorer Tours, click here.


Loch Ness, Whisky, and Outlander
Departs From: Inverness
Price: from $89 CAD
Perks: Whisky

Join us on a jam-packed journey in the Highlands, to enjoy many iconic Scottish experiences in just one day. Our adventure begins at the legendary Loch Ness, where you have the option to take a cruise to the ruined Urquhart Castle; prime monster spotting territory! After lunch in beautiful Beauly we visit a Highland whisky distillery, where the best way to learn about the “water of life” is to taste it. Learn the true story which inspired Outlander at Culloden Battlefield, and attempt your own journey through the stones at Clava Cairns. We return to Inverness in the early evening.

If you are spending some time in Scotland, I really suggest taking this one-day tour. It’s a little more laid back than others I’ve come across and heard about. This area of Scotland is unforgettable and I strongly believe everyone should drive through the Highlands at some point in their life. You’ll drive along Loch Ness (boat cruise optional), visit Urquhart Castle, a whisky distillery, and Culloden Battlefield. If you are spending most of your time around Edinburgh and Glasgow, I’d recommend driving to Inverness and staying a night in one of the many Bed and Breakfasts (everywhere you look there is a B&B!) and spending the next day on this tour.

Reserve your spot here.

Timberbush Tours

1. The Outlander, Palaces & Jacobites Experience
Departs From: Edinburgh
Price: from £45
Runs: April to October (Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays)*Winter schedule available
Perks: Hopetoun House 

Our Outlander Experience Tour features two castles, two palaces and two mansions. Take a full day exploring the sets of the famous TV series: discover Linlithgow Palace, Outlander’s Wentworth Prison; see Blackness Castle, the Headquarters of Black Jack, and explore Hopetoun House, home of the Duke of Sandringham in our fantastic Outlander tour.

This one-day tour covers a lot of ground when it comes to Outlander filming locations and includes some pretty important historical spots. It runs April-October, but a Winter Experience is also available with a slightly different route.

Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgow - Outlander Filming Location

2. The Outlander, Palaces & Jacobites Experience
Departs From: Glasgow
Price: from £39
Runs: Sundays
Perks: Duone Castle

Our Outlander Experience Tour. Take a full day exploring the sets of the famous TV series: discover Linlithgow Palace, Outlander‘s Wentworth Prison; see Blackness Castle, the Headquarters of Black Jack, and explore Doune Castle; the home of Clan MacKenzie in our fantastic Outlander tour.

This tour is almost identical to the Timberbush Tour above. The only difference is departure is from Glasgow and instead of visiting Hopetoun House, you are visiting Duone Castle, the location in Outlander used as Castle Leoch.

If you are wanting to plan your own Outlander themed tour around Scotland, zoom in on the photos below. Visit Scotland created this incredibly helpful (and beautiful) map of all the locations with descriptions of which scenes were filmed where. I wish I had this before my first trip!

Outlander Film Locations - Scotland, UK

Outlander Film Locations - Scotland, UK

Have you ever been on an Outlander themed tour or have you ever booked with any of the companies above? Comment below and share your stories!

All of the companies mentioned above (aside from Outlander: The Past Lives Experience) offer plenty of other tours throughout Scotland that aren’t Outlander themed. Visit places like the Isle of Skye, Glencoe, castles, whisky distilleries, and much, much more. I’ve linked them below along with some others I came across. If you are visiting Scotland, make sure to take a look at what these tour companies have to offer!

Highland Explorer Tours - Scotland, UK

Timberbush Tours - Scotland, UK

National Trust for ScotlandWest Coast Railways - Scotland, UK(This company takes you on the Jacobite Train featured in Harry Potter)
Visit Scotland - TourismWelcome to Scotland - TourismIf you have access to a vehicle and want to plan your own Outlander itinerary, make sure to visit the website Outlander Locations. It’s a fantastic resource to all the filming locations used in the show and includes locations other than Scotland such as Prague and South Africa!

Outlander Tours in Scotland


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